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Анхан шат

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This is an absolutely fascinating unusual trip. You´ll see places that only few people have ever been to. It´s an outdoor trip and all supplies have to be brought along in the canoe. You must be prepared to do some carrying and dragging of the canoes at the more difficult rapids. You might also have to walk in the river at places. Canoeing experience is not required but physical fitness, swimming capabilities, not minding getting wet and a readiness for adventure!!!

Duration: 12days/11nights


No more than a one and a half hours drive from the capital we´re already in the unspoiled Mongolian countryside. You will see the broad steppes with animals but also steep mountainsides and primeval poplar forests right beside the river. We travel right through Terelj National Park, one of the highlights of Mongolia.

Duration: 1day


We called this tour the “magic” tour because it shows all the different sides of this most famous of Mongolia's rivers. There are some rapids, not too easy but also not so dangerous that you have to get out of the canoe. There are wide valleys, but also steep canyon walls where the river rushes through. You will in fact experience every one of the major landscapes of central Mongolia. This is an outdoors tip meaning that there´s no car following the river and we´re bringing all supplies with us in the canoe. It´s also a fishing paradise as most of the river has never seen a fisherman No canoeing experience needed and no special fitness. Moderate fitness and some swimming capabilities suffice.

Duration: 11Days/10Nights